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Your Visit

Your visit

Your initial consultation will take place at the Core Specialist Group practice at The John Flynn Private Hospital, The Tweed Hospital, or Murwillumbah District Hospital.

In your first appointment, it's likely you'll hear a lot of new and potentially overwhelming and confusing information. You might want to bring a notebook with you, so you can make notes and go over the information in your own time. 

We recommend making a list of questions for Dr White prior to your appointment so you don't forget to mention anything important during your consultation.

You're welcome to bring a family member or loved one with you for support.

On the day

We ask that you arrive at your appointment ahead of schedule.

You may be required to register with the practice before your appointment. To avoid delays and to familiarise yourself with your surroundings, please arrive at least ten minutes before your appointment time.

If you arrive late, we can't guarantee that Dr White will be able to see you as this may impact the schedule of his subsequent appointments.

In the initial visit, Dr White will look at your records and discuss his recommended treatment options. He may perform a rectal examination if your symptoms relate to the anus or bowel, but you won't need to prepare for this beforehand.

Cancellations or changes

If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment, please consider that Dr White runs a tight schedule and is highly committed.  Please give as much notice as possible so that your allocated time can be offered to another patient.

If you don't give at least 48 hours' notice of cancellation, Dr White reserves the right to seek payment for the cost of your appointment.

What to bring

Before you come, source all relevant paperwork and reports from your GP or pathology department.

You'll need to bring all test results including X-rays and scans; details of your previous medical history (including records of surgery), and a list of any medication you're taking or have taken recently. 

When you report to reception, you'll be required to provide your Medicare card and private health insurance details.

You need a valid referral letter from your GP to make an appointment with Dr White.  While a copy of this may have been scanned and emailed to him already, please also bring the physical copy of the letter to your appointment. 


You must pay for your consultation on the day with cash, credit or debit card. The initial consultation is $200; subsequent consultations are billed at $100. Fee reductions may be applied to aged pensioners at the discretion of Dr White. 

Appointment booking

You can make an appointment with Dr White by calling 07 5598 0955 or by submitting our Appointment Request form.