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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr White is one of the world's leading colorectal, anorectal, laparoscopic and general surgeons. With a commitment to raising the standards of healthcare in the local Gold Coast and broader community, Dr White has provided thousands of patients with successful healthcare outcomes during his time as a specialist surgeon.

Dr White consults and treats at The John Flynn Private Hospital, The Tweed Hospital, and Murwillumbah District Hospital.

To find out more specific information regarding surgery locations and times, please contact the Core Specialist Group on 07 5598 0955.

For your initial consultation you'll need to bring your doctor's referral letter, test results including X-rays and scans, previous medical history, medication information, private healthcare information, and your Medicare card.

The charge for the initial consultation is $200, payable on the day. The cost of future appointments, including surgery, will be outlined before treatment begins.

As a private consultant, Dr White may discount procedures for aged pensioners at his discretion.

If you don't have private health insurance you'll need to pay for the full cost of your treatment. You may be eligible to receive a partial Medicare rebate for some items which will help reduce your costs. Dr White treats in the public hospital system too; please speak to your GP about a referral.

A colonoscopy is a physical procedure which gives the surgeon detailed visibility of the large bowel. A colonoscope fitted with a minute camera is inserted through the rectum, the patient may request local or general anaesthetic for the procedure. 

You'll need to prepare your bowel with medication typically taken 24 hours beforehand, and by making dietary changes up to five days before the procedure. It's important you fully understand what's required of you well in advance to make sure the colonoscopy provides the most accurate results.

Dr White is a highly regarded bowel cancer specialist who achieves consistently superior patient outcomes. If you have bowel cancer, Dr White will implement the most appropriate treatment option for your specific circumstances. A full recovery from bowel cancer is possible.

While a full recovery is possible, receiving a bowel cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and worrying. Bowel Cancer Australia is a not-for-profit organisation which offers a full range of cancer support and education programs. Visit for more information.

Rectal bleeding is a symptom of a number of conditions including haemorrhoids, anal fissures or colitis. Bleeding is also a symptom of more serious conditions such as bowel cancer. While rectal bleeding may be a symptom of a straightforward condition that's easy to treat, if it's persistent, it should be addressed with a medical professional immediately. Early detection of serious bowel conditions offers the greatest chance of a full recovery.

Polyps are small abnormal tissue growths found in the colon which are diagnosed during a colonoscopy. Colon polyps are often harmless and go away by themselves. In some cases, polyps can turn cancerous, so it's crucial that you have regular check-ups, so your specialist can measure the progress of your polyps and remove them if necessary.